Gloria Victis

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Drinks and Potions

Buffs can be obtained by consuming drinks and potions.

Effects from different color groups can be stacked, this allows various combinations of up to three different buffs.

The same item has to be consumed several times (column Max) to get the best effect.

Drink / PotionMaxEffectDurationDebuff
Concentration Brew3+15% combat xp2 hoursnone
Fatigue Brew4+10% stamina regen4 hours10 minutes Toxicity
Mineral Brew7+10% health regen, +15% stamina regen6 hours15 minutes Toxicity
Endurance Decoction7+10% shield endurance6 hours15 minutes Toxicity
Rue Brew7-35% damage from bleeding6 hours15 minutes Toxicity
Anaesthetic Tincture7-20% block stamina cost, -20% shield endurance cost6 hours15 minutes Toxicity
Protectant Tincture7+10% receiving damage (?)6 hours15 minutes Toxicity
Inspiration Tincture3+30% xp, +30% crafting xp, +15% crafting chance12 minutes12 minutes Toxicity
Mistletoe Decoction7+15% health regen6 hours15 minutes Toxicity
Brawn Honey10 +25% stamina regeneration6 hours30 minutes Toxicity
Flaxseed Jam7+30% bleeding time (?)6 hours15 minutes Toxicity
Styrborg Strong*1+30% stamina5 minutesdrunk
Styrborg*1+25% stamina5 minutesdrunk
Good Wheat Beer1+20% stamina5 minutesdrunk
Good Barley Beer1+20% stamina regen5 minutesdrunk
Wheat Beer1+15% stamina5 minutesdrunk
Barley Beer1+20% stamina regen5 minutesdrunk
Poor Wheat Beer1+10% stamina5 minutesdrunk
Poor Barley Beer1+15% stamina5 minutesdrunk
Weak Beer1+10% stamina regen5 minutesdrunk
Monastic Mead*3+35% stamina10 minutesdrunk
Wisent4+10% Health, -30% health regen15 minutesdrunk
Kvass*2+10% health regen5 minutesdrunk
Diluted Wine*2+1% health regen5 minutesdrunk
Monastic Wine*3+30% health regen10 minutesdrunk
Marauder’s Bread*2+10% health regen, -20% stamina regen15 minutesdrunk
Unnran’s Venom*3+30% stamina, -30% health15 minutesdrunk

*cannot be crafted


Food Quality12345678910
Health / Stamina1%2%3%4%5%6%7%8%9%10%
Health / Stamina regen5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%


Reputation tracks the player’s alignment to their faction. Reputation is gained through various events, including PvP as well, or killing members of one’s own faction by turning  friendly fire on. Reputation can mark the player’s friendly and traitor status. If  player loses reputation dropping to -1000 or below, that player is exiled from their nation and sent to traitor island if they die. Reputation ranks increase by the amount of reputation one acquire. Maximum reputation is 27,050 reputation points. In the character window, the player’s total and daily reputation are displayed, (current/max). These are the following reputation ranks.

  • +5% Experience
  • +5% Experience
  • +5% Chance Bonus Loot
  • +5% Experience
  • +5% Chance Bonus Loot
  • -5 Respawn Time