Bow - Black Guard’s Reflex Bow

Harvesting Tool - Master’s Pickaxe

Harvesting Tool - Master’s Axe

Heavy Armor - Great Helm with Mail Coif

Heavy Armor - Great Helm of the Order

Heavy Armor - Shieldman’s Heavy Apron

Heavy Armor - Raubritter’s Sallet

Heavy Armor - Scout’s Armor

Heavy Armor - Black Guard’s Heavy Helm

Heavy Armor - Legionary’s Cuirass

Heavy Armor - Soldier’s Heavy Apron

Heavy Armor - Marauder’s Brigandine

Heavy Armor - War Great Helm

Heavy Armor - Shieldman’s Brigandine

Heavy Armor - Soldier’s Brigandine

Heavy Armor - Recruit’s Heavy Armour

Heavy Armor - Clan Cuirass with Chainmail

Heavy Armor - Deserter’s Brigandine

Heavy Armor - Black Guard’s Pauldrons

Light Armor - Highlander’s Fur

Light Armor - Berserker’s Fur

Light Armor - Guardsman’s Gambeson

Light Armor - Knight’s Gambeson

Light Armor - Styrsman’s Gambeson

Light Armor - Recruit’s Robe

Light Armor - Black Guard’s Gambeson

Medium Armor - Karleonian Chainmail

Medium Armor - Black Guard’s Chainmail

Medium Armor - Freeman’s Jerkin

Medium Armor - Warden’s Jerkin

Medium Armor - Clan Bear Fur

Medium Armor - Simple Cerveillere with Mail Coif

Medium Armor - Guardsman’s Chainmail

Medium Armor - Knight’s Chainmail

One Handed Weapon - War Shestopior

One Handed Weapon - Battle Short Spear

Shield - Black Guard’s Shield

Shield - Styrsman’s Shield

Shield - Guardsman’s Shield

Two Handed Weapon - Karleonian War Sword

Two Handed Weapon - War Guisarme

Two Handed Weapon - Black Guard’s Long Axe

Two Handed Weapon - War Two-Handed Hammer

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