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Cooking will allow you to craft various meals and drinks, which provide different effects. Most cooking materials are obtained through farming, and decay quite fast. Once crafted, food will last a little longer (usually one week) and drinks even longer (up to a couple of months).

You will find starter recipes at Food and Herbs Merchant, other recipes are dropped by various mobs / events / chests, depending on rarity.

Some recipes can be bought from vendors

Drinks and Potions

  • Drinking the same potion several times will increase its effect and duration, but you will also suffer a slight debuff (toxicity / drunk).
  • It is possible to stack different potions, and have 3-4 effects up at the same time. Stacking rules are still barely known, as it seems to vary with each stack for each potion.
  • All Beer appear to stack with potions.
  • Bandages are also listed here. Those are straight consumables : you regain corresponding health on use (2.5 seconds cast time)
  • Effects listed below are with max stacks
Anaesthetic Tincture-20% Block stamina cost, -20% Shield endurance cost (7 stacks)
Bandage+50 HP
Barley BeerStamina Regeneration: +20%
Brawn Honey+25% stamina regeneration (10 stacks)
Cleanse ElixirRemoves all achemic effects and toxins
Concentration Brew+15% combat experience (3 stacks)
Digestion TinctureReduced Nourishment drain: 100%
Endurance Decoction+10% Shield endurance (7 stacks)
Fatigue Brew+10% Stamina regeneration (4 stacks)
Flaxseed Jam-30% bleeding duration (7 stacks)
Good Barley BeerStamina Regeneration: +25%
Good Wheat BeerStamina: +20%
Inspiration Tincture+10% XP, +10% Crafting XP, +5% Crafting Chance
Mineral Brew+10% Health regeneration, +15% Stamina regeneration (7 stacks)
Mistletoe Decoction+15% Health Regeneration for 6hours (7 stacks)
MoonshineStamina +15%
Poor Barley BeerStamina: +15%
Poor Wheat BeerStamina: +10%
Protectant Tincture-10% received damage (7 stacks)
Rue Brew-35% damage from bleeding (7 stacks)
Simple Compress+20 Health
Strong MoonshineStamina +20%
Vitality Tincture+10% Health for 4 hours (5 stacks)
Weak BeerStamina Regeneration: +10%
Weak MoonshineStamina +10%
Wheat BeerStamina: +15%
WisentHealth +10%; Health regeneration -30%


Food State

Food can have three different states :

  • Hot : freshly cooked food, maximum quality. This state lasts for two hours, then food goes into cold state.
  • Cold : lowest quality state. Cold food can be reheated.
  • Reheated : cold food can be reheated to increase quality (still less than hot food). This state will last for two hours, after which food goes back to cold state.

Food Quality

Your character food quality is the average quality of food eaten over time, and will determine the strength of fed buff.

Food Points

– Character loses 6 Food points per minute when moving and 2 points per minute when staying idle
– max amount of Food points is 1000 and can be fully restored with 4 good quality meals, which also applies 2h-lasting buff and additional 1 hour with no debuff; Food level don’t go down when character isn’t logged in
300 - 1000 food points

+0.5% health and +2.5% stamina per stack

1 - 299 food points

no effect

0 food points

-10% health and stamina

Your food points and quality can be seen on character window, or by hovering food stomach icon in main bar