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Cooking will allow you to craft various meals and drinks, which provide different effects. Most cooking materials are obtained through farming, and decay quite fast. Once crafted, food will last a little longer (usually one week) and drinks even longer (up to a couple of months).

You will find starter recipes at Food and Herbs Merchant, other recipes are dropped by various mobs / events / chests, depending on rarity.

Some recipes can be bought from vendors

Drinks and Potions

  • Drinking the same potion several times will increase its effect and duration, but you will also suffer a slight debuff (toxicity / drunk).
  • It is possible to stack different potions, and have 3-4 effects up at the same time. Stacking rules are still barely known, as it seems to vary with each stack for each potion.
  • All Beer appear to stack with potions.
  • Bandages are also listed here. Those are straight consumables : you regain corresponding health on use (2.5 seconds cast time)
  • Effects listed below are with max stacks
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