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  • Column Search: Columns can all be searched individually by using the search box in each column header. For example glory into "Recipe Obtained From" will show recipes bought with Contribution Points, weapon into "Type" will show all weapons.
  • Column Headers: Click on headers to sort results. You can also click and drag to reorder columns
  • Partial word matching: Parts of words can be matched in the result set. For example Wa will match War Falchion.
  • Match words out of order: For example if you search for War Falchion it would match a row containing the words War and Falchion, regardless of the order or position that they appear in the table. Warrior's Falchion and War Falchion would both match
  • Preserved text: You can search for an exact phrase by enclosing the search text in double quotes. For example "War Falchion" will match only text which contains the phrase War Falchion. It will not match Warrior's Falchion.
  • Export Buttons: Table content can be exported with buttons found at bottom of page