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Latest Game News​

Work in Progress!

Hello warriors!

A new weekly update is live, and we want to give you an insight into our current work. Prepare yourself for a huge update in the next few weeks – this patch will move our game to another level, and unlike weekly patches, will introduce many changes – groundbreaking ones! – at once. For that reason most probably we will postpone the normal Glory Season end for two weeks more, but more details on that will come next week.

Horses & Mounted Combat

The time is coming, warriors! Although we’ve been focusing on improving the existing systems and content lately, we’re getting closer and closer to introduce the long-awaited features: mounts and horseback combat! The open world battles will become even more EPIC!

Freebuilding in Guild Castles

Although you can already rise the castles from the ground and upgrade them so they become impenetrable fortresses, or build your own tents, barricades, and furnaces, and plant your own seeds at farms, we know you’re eager for more. And it happens: we’re working on free building in Guild Castles! You will be able to create your own fortification layouts and fill your castles with workshops and other utility buildings. This will be a good start to bringing more roleplay and players-made content all around the world. Hammers in hands, you have some cities to build!

Guilds and Alliances update

Along with the Free building feature, the entire guild content will be updated too. You will receive many improvements for both guilds and alliances, and a new type of guild ranking!
This new ranking will be season-based, so more guilds will be able to compete in it.
We have heard your feedback, and the changes are going to be quite fundamental. The conflict escalates!

Client-side Optimization

And last but not least – we’re working hard on a huge client-side optimization improvement! We’re creating a massive tool which will let us drastically optimize all models with much lower cost. You can expect to see a bunch of models optimized in every upcoming update!

We’re excited to see all these features come to the game in the next very few weeks – hope you too!

Stay tuned and see you in battle!

Today’s weekly update v. Changelog


– From now on, Sea Wraiths and Volcano events don’t require to gather the full party to join – every player can join each of these events during its entire duration, once its starter has been completed and as long as the player’s nation’s party didn’t reach the maximum number; also, from now on you can rejoin these events after dying and starting the event is delayed for 2 minutes since the first players join; this change is meant to increase accessibility to both these events, which offer attractive rewards and chances for PVP in even conditions
– From now on, rewards for killing any bosses during world events (Brandon, Ragi, Sirius, Catacombs, Volcano, Sea Wraiths) are given only to the players from nation which killed the boss to decrease the possibility of teaming at those events between nations to get higher rewards
– Updated the piercing and bludgeoning damage reduction of medium armors in order to increase their viability – they’re still highly vulnerable to piercing damage but this change should improve the overall armors balance; to give you more insight, the ratio of players armor usage from the latest data we have been checking (70+ level players, who have played within last three months) looks like that:
  • full heavy to 4 heavy parts : 37% users
  • medium and medium mixes : 27% users
  • light: 36% users

Quality of Life:

We know that there are two groups of players in our game – those who love the partial looting feature and those who don’t. We did lots of research at our place and we found out that almost all of the players, who feedbacked us negatively about the looting, remained at low levels and had no additional equipment in their inventory. Although an average player received almost 20 pieces of armors and weapons before leaving the safe zone, they were usually selling it to gain money or just to clean their inventory, because they didn’t know it might be usable in case they will need to replace some parts of their equipment.

For this reason we made the following tweaks:

– Beginner humanoid enemies will be dropping coins much more often instead of very weak armors/weapons to not flood the player equipment
– After hitting level 20 (close to leaving the safe zone for the first time) and trying to destroy/sell weapons or armors, we will show the player a hint that they might be usable in terms of need of replacement some of it

– Added a possibility to leave the situation where a player gets stuck sliding down in between different objects by jumping out of such holes, before player could fall into a loop of sliding/idling without a chance to recover.
– Minor improvements to the players’ synchronization in terms of rotations
– Updated the guild recruitment system, adding a possibility to create closed recruitment offers – this change was made to help guilds verify the recruits before letting them join
– From now on, only the guild’s leader can edit the guild Heraldic – this option is no longer available to viceleader
– Improved the early progression by improving the drop-tables of NPC enemies along the starting quests
– Improved the NPC enemies placement by the catacombs entrances
– Improved the NPCs names in the bottom info panel by adding adjusting the background to the name’s length
– Added new in-game hints for the new players
– Renamed “Rotten Food” to “Fertilizer” and updated its description
– Interface improvements to changing the account’s nation in the character selection menu
– Added a delay to displaying a notification about not sufficient stamina
– Reduced the delay between consecutive pieces of music
– Updated the Rose symbol – it was purchased by a few players so far but since it has changed significantly, these players have been given back Ambers spent on this symbol (they still keep the Rose symbol)
– Added some new heraldic symbols available in the Supporter Shop


– Fixed a bug causing that other players were displayed as lagging if the player saw them by looking back using the free camera
– Fixed an issue in the “You shall not pass” ability which weakened the shield users instead of boosting them
– Fixed displaying if an item can be crafted (either as a main- or by-product) – fix for all items in the game


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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