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Latest Game News​

Hello warriors!

New update just hit the servers! Along with many improvements and fixes, it introduced a new location of the Dimar castle, which is another iteration of the planned world balance changes. Also, you can now drive a catapult with your friend together! There are also new dynamic events to level up more smoothly, tweaks to the siege preparations system and much more – check these changes on your own! Moreover, we’d like to share some details on what we’re working on right now – read below for details.

See you in battle!

Work in Progress:

We’re currently working on another expansion of the siege engines system – movable battering rams! Today’s update adds a new mechanic allowing multiple players to move a catapult together, which was an important step towards the introduction of battering rams. We hope to see them in-game next week!

We’re also coming closer to finish a significant update to the crafting content and available equipment. We’re filling the gaps to finally complete full sets of medium and heavy armors. They will also be standardized, which will help us improve the game balance and expand available content.

Moreover, we’re preparing to start working on the new, Sangmar-themed world event which will mirror both Ragi and Brandon events. It’s in the early design phase now – if you have your ideas for this event, it’s a perfect time to share your suggestions with us!

And the last but not least – something for the roleplayers. Dice and sitting on benches and chairs can be expected to come next week!

Changelog v.

Territory Control update:

It’s the 2nd iteration of the recently announced planned world balance improvements. Last week we updated the position of Haddah Castle, now we moved Dimar Castle along with its’ farm and lumbermill. Both castles have been moved to new locations in order to solve the problem of new players joining the Sangmar nation feeling “outplayed”, because even in case of a complete balance on the map, the Sangmar’s native territory was visually smaller than the other nations. Second, although the actual travel distance to Haddah Caste from the capital city was comparable to other nations’ castles, they appeared to be placed closer because of their flags’ position, causing concerns about the world PVP balance.

Also, in response to the Community’s feedback, we made several balance improvements to the recently introduced siege preparations, which are required to compete over a guild province. With these changes, the preparations will be more dynamic, at the same time being less tedious and not as much expensive for the weapons durability. In the end, a group of 5 players should now be able to complete the preparations in a reasonable time.

– Updated position of Dimar Castle, Dimar Farm and Dimar Lumbermill
– Moved the siege camp at Scarsdale to the East, placing it in between of Dimar Castle and Scarsdale
– Moved the siege camp West to the Dimar Castle to a new position due to the castle’s position update
– Updated nearby lands due to the Dimar Castle’s position update
– Reduced the Guards Commander’s HP and respawn time down to 30%
– Increased the Guards Commander’s damage
– Reduced the number of points gained for killing the Guards Commander in the siege preparations down to 50%
– Moved the Guard Commander in Skergard Castle to a new place behind the outer palisade, at the road near a farm

Quality of Life:

– Introduced a new method of saving the streamed objects (models, water etc), which greatly reduces the size of client-side updates – although this specific update is quite large, the future ones will be much smaller; this change also greatly improves performance on slower HDDs, eliminating most of the “stuttering”, and reduces the time required to build a client-side update, so from now on, we will be able to react faster to potential issues
– Server-side optimization improvements
– From now on catapults can be steered by 2 players at the same time basing on their movement input – only the first player can shoot and load the catapult, also if there’s only one player driving the catapult, its’ movement speed is reduced down to 50%
– Added visual indicator of the currently selected attack/block direction – it’s disabled by default and can be enabled in the game options
– Added possibility to disable receiving the other nation players’ private messages (/whisper) and displaying messages in the “Say” channel – it’s disabled by default and can be enabled in the game options; this change was made to help avoid the other players’ toxic behavior
– Improved smoothing the player’s position when falling down
– Updated 28 dynamic events in various places in the world – their level ranges were too low, so many players have never had a chance to see them after completing the starting quests
– Added new dynamic events for Midlanders and Sangmarians (14 per nation) taking place and minor flags between capital cities of each nation – farms, mines and lumbermills – to mirror the events added for Ismirs last week
– Re-equipped the Midlandic and Ismirean City Guard Veterans, giving them shields like Sangmarian ones, so now they will be equally strong
– Added missing Salt nodes to the Ulfgard Mine’s resources
– Added displaying the party leader’s marker at the leader’s simplified nametag
– From now on, the character’s name validation also checks the lower and upper cases, so it won’t be possible to impersonate another player anymore
– Minor improvements to the character creation interface
– From now on, after joining a guild using the guild recruitment board, the guild window will open to confirm that a player joined the guild successfully
– Improved interacting with quest objects: barley, wheat, flax, hop, hemp, tents and cages
– Minor improvements to the starting Ismirean quests
– Improved dialogs of Himerius and Justus in the Sangmarian starting quests
– Minor improvements in the Sangmarian starting quests
– Improved interface of the Feedback window and expanded the max amount of characters
– Improvements to the player memorial interface


– Fixed a recent issue causing that some players couldn’t see the items which they put for sale in the Market
– Fixed an issue causing that after purchasing only a part of a stack of the given item in the Market, the remaining amount wasn’t refreshed
– Fixed an issue with looting other players causing that stackable items weren’t refreshed properly after being looted, unless such an item was already in the looting player’s inventory
– Fixed a visual bug with looting other players causing that, if a player looted an enemy after looting in the same session another player, who had more bags in the inventory than the current target, icons of the “extra” bags would be displayed in the current target’s inventory but with no content
– Fixed a visual bug with looting other players causing that, if a player looted an enemy after looting in the same session another player, who had more bags in the inventory than the current target, with the last bag open when the timer ended, looting the current target would start in the same bag slot where the previous one ended, with no content
– Fixed an issue causing that the siege preparations would remain after the server restart if they were cancelled or the server’s prime time ended
– Fixed displaying the date of triggered State of War in the combat log after completing the siege preparations
– Fixed an issue causing that in some cases logging in to the server by the “guest” players wasn’t enabled when their nation was detected as a dominating one in the selected server
– Fixed an issue causing that quests and dynamic events were disappearing from the map and minimap if the player gained new level in their area
– Fixed an issue causing that buffs for gaining the 1st and 2nd place in the Deadly Harvest world event disappeared after relogging or server restart – from now on, they should remain until the next Deadly Harvest event starts on the same server
– Fixed assigning player titles related to crafting to characters which met their requirements when these titles were bugged or haven’t been implemented yet
– Fixed translations of interactive plants objects in quests
– Fixed an issue causing that a player couldn’t proceed the Sangmarian starting quest if the gate in the convicts camp was destroyed and had to wait for its’ respawn


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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