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Latest Game News​

Hello warriors!

Another huge weekly update is live! First of all, it introduces the first iteration of a long-awaited feature: NPC archers! You can test this mechanic on various NPC enemies in the world, especially around the starting areas of each faction. In near future it will also be applied to the NPC guards in the player-controlled castles too, helping improve the territory control balance.

The NPC archery itself is a part of the preparations for another planned feature: horses and mounted combat, as they will serve for a countermeasure for mounted archers. The mounts themselves have to be postponed, though, as a majority of the Community demanded us to focus on improving the players’ synchronization – so we shifted more manpower to this aspect. In effect, we just applied a huge synchronization update! Now, with improved synchronization, we hope we’ll be able to focus more on the mounts and horseback combat.

There are also further steps taken to finalize the Freebuilding and Guild Castles update, Quality of Life improvements for Alliances and Guilds and numerous balance tweaks, gameplay improvements and bug fixes – check them out!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.


– Added including the sum of looting points spent by all players of each nation into the balance safeguard mechanics
– Increased the State of War duration to 1 hour 15 minutes, as due to the introduction of siege engines, which can be destroyed by the defenders and bring the siege to a halt until the attackers replace destroyed siege engines with new ones, the time required to break through all the gates is much longer than before
– Updated the buff for playing an underdog faction – due to the recent changes for buff for the underdog nations, which gives more gold and experience for playing such faction, it’s reasonable that this buff shouldn’t apply to only new players [like the exp buff before] but to all players of such a nation; for that reason, from now the buff is given to all players across the dominated nation when they play on their main server instead of new characters only; once the nation grows and exceeds the threshold to lose the underdog status, everyone will keep the same buff for the next 12 hours of playtime (unless a player changes his main server over this time – then the buff will be removed, as it already was)
– Tweaks to the balancing safeguard calculations determining dominating and dominated nations

Quality of Life:

– Huge improvements to the players’ position synchronization – special thanks to Mightykitten and Bermax for sending us videos with exact reproductions of significant problems and possible exploits; of course we couldn’t test all cases, such as large-scale battles with hundreds of players, in the internal testing environment, but from our tests the overall synchronization looks much better now
– Introduced the first iteration of the NPC archers – the first archers can be met along the starting quests of each nation and we’ll be adding more of them following the development of this feature, so this mechanic will be eventually be applied to some of the NPC guards in the player-controlled castles too, helping improve the territory control balance
– Added a possibility to move to all of the Guild Castles controlled by the player’s Alliance using the /home command, so joining an Alliances will be more useful now
– Added a 48 hours-long cooldown on using the Alliance home command for guilds which just joined an Alliance and 48-hours long cooldown on using the /home command or respawning in a guild castle for players who just joined a guild, in order to reduce the benefits of introducing spies into enemy guilds
– Added a possibility to move to the castles controlled by the player’s guild or alliance by clicking its icon on the map
– Updated the position of “Disappearance of Claretta” questline following the plan for Guild Castles and Freebuilding update, as its former position collided with the planned location of one of the upcoming new Guild Castles; we also took the opportunity to improve these quests and refresh their locations
– Disabled placing new player-spawned objects in the arenas on the Sangmarian and Midlandic starting areas (Ismirean arena didn’t have such a problem; the fix won’t affect the already existing objects in these areas)
– Minor improvements to the respawn window’s interface
– Minor improvements to the main tab of the Guild window


– Fixed a bug preventing players from switching from FPP to TPP camera mode if it was set to FPP while driving a battering ram
– Fixed a bug causing that the materials chests in the Skergard Castle’s storehouses could be used twice in a row
– Fixed a potential reason for a bug preventing players from capturing flags
– Fixed a bug with synchronizing the event’s start time (countdown to lifting the colliders at the spawnpoint) in the Sea Wraiths and Volcano events
– Fixed a bug causing displaying the wrong number of players in the invitations to Sea Wraiths and Volcano events
– Fixed all reported cases of the static (not the upgradeable ones) models of wells which couldn’t be interacted with
– Fixed a bug causing that NPC guards couldn’t reach the main building in Tenebrok


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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