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Latest Game News​

Hello warriors!

A new weekly update is live! From now on, you can challenge other ally players for a group duel! There are also several quality of life improvements and bugfixes.

Also, we’re going to Poznań Game Arena this week! If you’re going there too, it’s a perfect opportunity to meet the developers in real life as we’ll be showing off Gloria Victis during the event. Moreover, it will be the very first showcase of another game made by Fish Tank Studio, a friendly development team which has decided to base their debut single-player game on the Gloria Victis setting. To make it clear: the Black Eye Games team is fully focused on developing the Gloria Victis MMORPG game – and we’re working with full power on awesome updates which you’ll receive in the near future!

We’re excited to see this coming – hope you too!

See you in battle and on PGA!

Changelog v.

Quality of Life:

– Introduced the party vs party duels, allowing you to have friendly fights against another group from your nation everywhere in the world without the risk of losing Nation Points
– Updated the Notifications Center window, adding a possibility to remove pending notifications, improving the visibility of unread notifications and adding displaying the notification sending date
– Updated the map window and added the zoom buttons
– Improved the system messages related to the friendly duels system
– Changed the maximal crafting queue from 999 to 9999


– Fixed a bug causing that players taking part in a friendly duel were invulnerable to the attacks of NPC enemies
– Fixed a bug causing that some players weren’t added to the siege scoreboards
– Fixed a bug which allowed to hit with an enemy player without showing the attack’s direction to the enemy if the attacker performed a thrust with a long weapon while running towards the target
– Fixed a bug causing that notifications of the same category used to overlap each other when opening the Notifications Center for the first time during a session


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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