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Latest Game News​

Hello warriors!

This week we have something big: the updated Catacombs event is live! A new entrance has been added, so the event now features all 3 nations, it also has been moved to the central part of the map, hence improving the game’s world balance. The location’s layout has been slightly updated as well. We also added the 3rd “Crafting – Inn event” between Ulfgard and Seaclaw. Check these changes on your own!

Moreover, among many gameplay improvements, there are further solutions to prevent toxic behaviors. Just within the last 4 days, we had to mute/ban almost 20 players for the toxicity against other users. 18 of them targeted the other nation players. While obviously, people who reported them were not happy with being personally attacked – we know that almost all of the punished users are not happy in the end. Also, we are spending about 2 hours a day of one of our team members just to handle all reports on such issues – which means it is an entire week of work hours every month, spent just on handling the toxicity that people throw at each other. In this case, no one wins, except the players who enjoy harassing other people.

For that reason we have chosen to make the language written by other nation players unreadable for others, unless the players are in the arena. Every nation, and every origin has its own words set being shown while using whisper or say chat to another nation user (for example, Sangmarians have different language than the Azebian characters). We believe that, thanks to these changes, we will be able to greatly decrease the overall toxicity, make Gloria Victis much more enjoyable and let us focus on the most important thing – improving the game.

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

Balance Update:

– Moved the Catacombs event to the middle of the map, added a new entrance for Sangmarians and updated the overall location’s layout to adjust it for 3 nations – it’s another step of our World Balance Update plan
– Added the third “Crafting – Inn” event which takes place in a new inn located between Ulfgard and Seaclaw
– Updated rewards and balance in the starting stages of Gold Griffins event

Quality of Life:

– Improved managing the loaded terrains to fix an issue causing rapid FPS drops (big thanks Kaedyia for helping us to find the issue)
– From now on, chat messages written by enemy nation players are displayed in dedicated languages in order to reduce the inter-nation griefing on chat and overall toxicity – the only place where players can talk to the enemy nation players is the arena
– Brought back the possibility to fight while swimming in response to Community request, so it is now possible to kill a player who logs out in water
– Improved the player’s animations in 1st person view
– Added separate FoV settings for 1st and 3rd person modes
– Improved interacting with various resources and containers
– Improved hits detection for stabbing with shield bash
– Improved the NPC enemies’ reactions after blocking an attack
– Various minor interface improvements
– Minor improvements to the Midlandic starting quests
– Updated the model and icon of Simple Buckler
– Added jumping SFXes and improved SFXes of attacking with weapons
– Added a new skin – Warbringer’s Shield – for Karleonian Shield, Black Guard’s Shield and Praetorian’s Shield


– Fixed displaying proper guild heraldics in the Recruitment Board window
– Fixed the recently reported way to reinforce items without burning them on fail
– Fixed displaying heraldics on Recruit’s Shield and Scout’s Shield
– Fxed a bug preventing players from registering to an arena duel if they were queued up for the “Valley of Death” PVP tournament
– Fixed a bug causing that pinned quests weren’t saved for the account but only on the local PC


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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