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Latest Game News​

Hello warriors!

Check out the new weekly update to Gloria Victis! We’ve just added the upgradable inns in all remaining castles and forts. There are also much more catapults available in the world, so you can conquer the enemy strongholds easier and with style now! The update includes several balance and gameplay improvements as well. Try them out!

We also invite everyone to join the PVP event this weekend! It will start at 9:00 PM GMT (Saturday, April 27). Join us in the arena on the [Europe] Eaglewood server and fight for fame in 5v5 battles. The winners will be immortalized on the in-game monuments and every participant will be rewarded – to arms!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

Quality of Life:

– From now on, /home command can be used every 10 minutes to make it more useful for guild members without having to save the usage of this command for the unexpected situations; exception – when the player belongs to a guild which location is in the State of War, the cooldown is 45 minutes as before in order to prevent defenders from hopping between all controlled castle, which would make it much harder for the attackers to capture a guild province
– Added upgradable inns with workshops for Cooking and Herbalism in remaining guild locations – Norfolk and Lublin forts – and in all of the nation-controlled castles, forts and temples
– Added catapults and battering rams in siege camps at all nation-controlled castles and forts (not at temples)
– Updated the siege camps at Seaclaw, Greenport, Waterford Castle, Ulfgard and Skogar Castle to mirror the placement of other siege camps and allow spawning siege engines in them; also, this change included moving the spawnpoints placed on ships to the actual camps, so the attackers could avoid being spawn-camped by the defenders thanks to the recently introduced reduced respawn time in the siege events
– Updated the daggers balance, slightly reducing the damage bonus from Dexterity and bleeding damage bonus gained from the “Marksman” ability – from now on, it gives 1 additional damage point per every 2 points invested in this ability and the bleeding effect will get its’ full stack after 3 consecutive hits; these changes were made because daggers were the only type of weapon allowing to 1-shot an enemy, which stands against our core design decision that even in the edge-case scenario, the end-game character with best equipment shouldn’t be able to kill level 1 character with only 1 attack
– Increased damage dealt to fortifications by catapults and battering rams
– Increased the catapult projectile’s dispersion
– From now on, crafting and hunting events can only be only done on the player’s main server
– Improvements to queuing various interactions
– Fixed an issue causing that a character would attack without displaying animation if it was attacked with strong attack while holding an attack when the “Battle Rage” ability was enabled
– Updated the spawnpoint position at Rodrock Fort
– Added new type of map marker which shows the quests with rewards to take
– Standardized the length and reach of the top-tier longswords
– Minor improvements to the characters synchronization
– Updated some of the quest locations in the starting Ismirean quests


– Fixed an issue allowing to climb up the vertical slopes, which i.e. allowed to access the Volcano event’s area without completing its’ event, ending in breaking the event’s balance
– Fixed an edge-case issue causing that sometimes, when the State of War would start at some guild province, the State of War could start on locations controlled the attackers’ alliance
– Fixed an issue allowing to continue swim on autorun after force-closing the game, which was mistakenly reported as logging off instantly
– Fixed an issue causing that the campfire icon was displayed on top of the minimap, so they could cover the quest icons
– Fixed all reported issues with hitting doors with battering rams (known issue: small rams don’t hit doors if it’s too close to them)
– Fixed an issue causing that there were 2 Guard Commanders in the Lublin Fort
– Fixed an issue allowing to capture a flag from distance
– Fixed an issue causing that links in the in-game announcements in main menu couldn’t be clicked
– Fixed Meggy’s body model


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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