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Latest Game News​

Hello warriors!

Check out the new Gloria Victis update! It adds another part of the weekly optimization improvements for both the client- and server-side performance. We’ve also updated the archery – it was required to proceed with the planned horseback archery, and we believe that this change greatly improves the bow shooting feeling.

Of course, there are dozens of other gameplay improvements, balance tweaks and bug fixes too, as well as improved anti-cheat security. Also, we’d like to inform you that the current Glory season will last till the end of August – that’s when the planned massive updates will come. Because the season has been prolonged, you can expect increased rewards for it!

A little explanation for the new players: Glory is a season-based ranking which rewards you for activity in the faction v faction v faction PVP. The winners of each season are rewarded with unique titles, as well as gold. Also, every Thursday night you’ll get Contribution Points – an in-game currency used to purchase special items from the Glory Quartermasters. The amount of earned CP depends on your position in the leaderboard, so it’s a great moment to climb up the current season’s leaderboard!

Moreover, we’d love to give you an insight into our current work – read below for details!

See you in battle!

Work in Progress:

1. Freebuilding for Guild Castles

Your guild will be able to build its own fortifications layouts in Guild Castles soon! This feature is expected to come within 2 next weeks – stay tuned!

2. Guild Castles and Alliances update

In order to improve the game’s balance, the number and placement Guild Castles will be updated soon. After this change, there will be 3 Guild Castles per each of 3 tiers and they’ll be placed symmetrically, with equal access to castles of a given tier for all nations. There will also be improvements to the State of War, GC management and Alliances mechanics – more info coming soon!

3. Horses and mounted combat

Although the mounts feature and, following it, the horseback combat are huge tasks, we’re continuously getting closer to complete them. This update introduced the first iteration of the archery update which was required to implement mounted combat – it will help us preserve the proper balance for horseback archery and finish implementing the NPC archers who will counter the mounted players!

Changelog v.

Screenshot by Lepaige


– Optimized the servers performance – minor lags should have been greatly reduced and less visible
– Optimized displaying the other players and NPCs
– Optimized instantiating the NPCs and toggling the objects’ visibility
– Optimized loading the crafting recipes in the Crafting window

Quality of Life:

– Archery update: optimized the archery system, improved the shooting experience, added dependency between the shot’s power and arrow’s range and eliminated some potential security holes; also, this change will let us introduce the NPC archers soon
– Improved the anti-cheat security systems
– Added a new event in the Outlumbered camp called “Outlumber them!” for players with level 40 or higher, similar to an event in the Gold Griffins fort
– Updated the list of available heraldic colors – the change from colors slider into specific colors was accidentally applied prematurely, with limited number of colors to choose from but now you have wider choice; the change itself was made to prevent setting extreme colors which looked like a graphical glitch
– Added a possibility to not set any color for the heraldic symbol’s outline
– From now on, joining the Volcano world event is possible only before the Old Giant spawns
– Updated rewards for completing quests in the Dead Raven Inn and Happy Rams Inn – in total, each questline should give in total about 1 gold and 200.000 experience per each quest which player reports to an NPC
– Updated rewards for killing bosses in the recently added dungeon event on Sangmarian lands
– From now on, the dungeon event between Baalhammon and Serai is displayed on the map for all players who are in the Sangmarian area and can be completed by players of all nations
– Reduced the amount of Elite Flax Canvas obtained from Brandon, Ragi and Sirius world events because these events allowed to obtain too much of them
– Slightly increased the cooldown for starting Brandon, Ragi and Sirius world events
– Disabled spawning any player-built objects in the Volcano world event’s area
– Increased the cooldown for crafting events in the capital cities and inns because they were inflating some materials – this way they can still have precious rewards but not affect the economy so much
– Updated drop chances of the top-tier recipes and items and increased the amount of money looted from NPC enemies which used to drop the top-tier items/recipes
– Added a map marker displaying position of the Glory vendors for players with level 60 or higher
– Updated the balance of Exiled Legion’s common soldiers, reducing their strength and increasing their respawn time, to adjust the Sirius world event’s difficulty according to collected data
– Improved balance in the starting Midlandic quests – the bridge outpost defense stage
– Improvements to texts in the new Sangmarian quests
– Improved balance of the NPC enemies in the starting Sangmarian quests to provide better experience for archers
– Several minor improvements to the starting quests
– Updated the Scout’s Robe’s model
– Moved a unique treasure chest from below the Rodrock’s bridge slightly so it can now be accessed easier


– Fixed a bugged shield model which caused the FPS drops
– Fixed a bug causing that recipes for Karleonian Chainmail, Styrborg Chainmail and Black Guard’s Chainmail were displayed in wrong category in the Market window
– Fixed a bug causing that the Brandon world event used to start twice in a row
– Fixed the Lord’s Wrath Abbey upgrading event
– Fixed reported instances of NPCs respawning too fast
– Fixed a bug causing that heraldic shapes always had 2 colors to set – they should vary from 1 to 2 different colors depending on a specific symbol
– Fixed several reported issues with equipment of specific NPC enemies
– Fixed a bug causing that Aldus (questgiver) was being killed by NPC enemies in the Midlandic starting quests
– Fixed displaying the NPC names in the dialog’s window – some of them used to have untranslated strings displayed instead of actual names
– Fixed a bug causing displaying wrong text in one of the Sea Wraiths world event’s stages
– Fixed displaying the Hangover effect’s name


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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