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Latest Game News​

Hello warriors!

Another Weekly Update to Gloria Victis just hit the servers! Among others, there are improved players’ synchronization, client-side optimization and many user experience improvements. Check these changes on your own!

Also, we’d like to remind that the huge update is coming soon – you’ll get a chance to get on your own mount and prove your blade wielding skills! Also, with the Freebuilding feature, you’ll be able to become a real lord of your own castle, with your guild’s banner weaving on it. The guilds themselves will be updated too, along with Alliances – read below for details!

Work in Progress – Guilds & Alliances:

1. /Home for Alliances

Soon you will be able to move to all castles controlled by the Alliance to which your guild belongs. It will greatly increase the meaning of Alliances and expand the game’s tactical layer!

2. Free State of War time setting for Alliances

After the Alliances update, every guild belonging to an Alliance will be able to set the time of State of War on its Guild Castles independently of the Alliance leader. With this change, Alliances will get more meaning!

3. Cooldown on /home and respawn in Guild Castles for new guild members

This Community-requested improvement will help the guild avoid abusing its benefits by new players, reducing the risk of being spied by enemy nation players using alternative accounts and, in effect, increasing chances to push the attackers back during the State of War.

4. Season-based Guilds Ranking

This new ranking will let the guild compete over the title of the strongest active guild! But fear not – the current ranking will remain and be displayed on a monument in the capital cities.

We’re excited to see these changes coming soon to the game – hope you too!

See you in battle!

P.S. One of our players was kind enough to make a detailed tutorial video explaining the game’s basics – enjoy watching!


Changelog v.

Quality of Life:

– Improved synchronizing the players’ position
– Implemented the very first iteration of client and server side optimizing system which triggers when a player has large overhead and very low frames – overall, it should help having a few frames more in the biggest battles and it is the place where players could feel the change, especially if they have weaker CPU
– Added counting the quests progress for many players in one party at the same time – they must have the same active objectives to increase the progress of their friends’ quests, it should help beginner players experience a lot.
– Updated the sound effects in combat and when shooting a catapult, in combat changes are gore sounds depending on the hit strength and body drop sounds on humanoid characters
– Updated the rewards obtained for all of the starting quests
– Added a confirmation box on leaving a guild to prevent accidental removal of the Nation Points contributed by a player to the guild
– Added in-game markers on the siege engines in Sangmarian starting quests
– Improved the particles of boiling oil
– Improved some NPC speeches in the Ismirean starting area


– Fixed a bug allowing to shoot through walls with ballistas
– Fixed a bug causing that each usage of the boiling oil near a player during a single session decreased the chance to play its sound effects
– Fixed a bug causing interrupting the flag capturing
– Fixed a recent bug with the arrows scale happening much more often due to using arrow pooling and reuse of damaged arrow
– Fixed reported NPCs with missing cloths textures
– Fixed a bug causing that points in the “Infinity War” Weekly Ranking couldn’t be gained if there was no dominating nation – from now on, players of every nation will gain points in such a situation
– Fixed reported bugs causing that the outline of heraldic symbols was transparent even though the color was set
– Fixed a bug causing that the catapult projectile’s hit sound could be heard from large distance
– Fixed the duration time of effects applied by consuming any herbal potion – from now on they last 1 hour and can be stacked up to 2 hours
– Fixed the hitboxes of a Dying Giant in the last stage of Midlandic starting questline
– Fixed a bug preventing player from taking a reward from Horik if he closed the dialog before collecting it


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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