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Hello warriors!

Since the last update was applied just 2 days ago, today we have for you… 2 A4-size pages-long patchnotes full of improvements and fixes. Have fun!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

Sieges & World Balance:

We made a lot of improvements to the world PVP balance and sieges system, based on the recently gathered data and feedback. With these changes, we believe the overall open PVP experience in Gloria Victis will become much more enjoyable and fair. Moreover, we’re going to introduce a possibility to change nation to the most dominated one for free once in a set period of time. We expect to add this feature next week.

Also, from now on, unstucking to the closest location (not including minor flags: mines, lumbermills and farms belonging to castles) which is under attack requires a player to get closer to it (about 50% closer than before) – the defenders can still move to an attacked location but they simply have to get closer to it, disregarding which direction they approach it from, so they don’t have to go through the attacking forces.

If the closest location is under attack but the player isn’t close enough to it, he will unstuck to the last visited location. Also, we keep information about the last visited location for 15 minutes, so if a player traveled farther from it and tried to unstuck to another location which is under attack, he will unstuck to the previously visited location – or to the intended destination flag, if he got close enough to it.

This change was done to solve the problem of entire warbands moving around the whole map and unstucking into the closest location to instantly start defending it, which caused it impossible for dominated nation to fight back some territory.

Yet, the defenders can still move to the attacked castle using unstuck and they don’t have to go through the attacking forces – in the end, they have more time to group up for defense, as with the latest update to siege engines and fortifications mechanics, sieging a castle takes more time to proceed. At the same time, this change leads to more skirmishes taking place in the first stage of sieges outside the castles, instead of "Player vs Door" tactic happening all over the place.

– Added small safezones activated in the siege camps during siege events (except for the Frontline Battles, as they don’t use the siege camps) – they protect only the attacking nation in the siege camp’s area in order to prevent spawn-camping
– Equalized the capital and closest spawn unstucking times – they’re both set to 30 seconds now; this change was done to solve an issue allowing players to escape the combat or quickly spawn inside an attacked location by unstucking to the closest spawn and to remove unnecessary step when unstucking to the capital – as unstucking to the closest spawn took only 15 seconds, veterans were doing it before unstucking to the capital to escape potentially dangerous area quicker; in effect, the overall time to unstuck to the capital took about 1 minute
– Added fully damaging the siege engine’s chassis when it enters the guild province’s area in order to prevent bringing siege engines to State of War until the system isn’t polished enough to introduce it officially for battles for guild castles
– Added new guardhouses in the upper courtyards at Lordly Haven and Hordun Temple which are responsible for spawning guards in these courtyards in order to solve an issue allowing attackers to wipe out the NPC guards by destroying the middle courtyard’s guardhouse; that were the only 2 locations with such a guardhouses setup, so it had to be balanced out
– Added ballistae on walls in the Lord’s Wrath Abbey, Lordly Haven, Hordun Temple
– Added missing siege camps for Lord’s Wrath Abbey, Lordly Haven, Hordun Temple and Volkvar Castle and moved Siege Keepers and static siege engines from their area to these camps
– Increased the siege events duration by 5 minutes due to the usage of siege engines
– Improved detecting when a location should be marked as besieged
– Added displaying the siege camps icons on the map

“Fall of the Exile” World Event:

We made many improvements to the recently added Sangmarian-themed raid in response to received feedback:

– Secured the reported spots allowing to kill NPC enemies in the outer and middle courtyards using an exploit
– Reduced the number of NPC enemies in the outer courtyard
– Moved NPC enemies in the outer courtyard farther from the location’s entrance
– Tweaked the strength of NPC enemies in the outer courtyard, so the closest enemies are a bit weaker now
– Added additional sub-events to destroy the defensive towers in outer and middle courtyards
– Added a possibility for players to stop spawning the NPC enemies in the outer courtyard by destroying all tents
– Improved balance of Sirius Cohorts, equalizing their statistics and displayed level with their equivalents in Brandon and Ragi raids
– Added an in-game player title for killing Sirius the Exile
– Fixed an issue causing that the NPC enemies could walk through some buildings in the upper courtyard
– Fixed displaying interior of the boss’ building in the upper courtyard – it was invisible on minimal video settings

Quality of Life:

– Removed the top-tier armor recipes from the Glory vendors assortment, except for the Champion’s armors – some of them could be purchased from the Glory vendors until now, because Sangmarians didn’t have their dedicated world event where such recipes could be obtained
– Improved the crafting experience and streamlined the crafting processes by removing the requirements of using tools: Tools, Mortar and Pestle, Small Crucible Form, Big Crucible Form, Small Crucible, Big Crucible, Chamotte Crucible, Distillation Apparatus – reason of this change is that most of these tools have been used in only one or two recipes at all, as in the case of Distillation Apparatus, or were required by a lot of very basic recipes, such as the basic Tools possessed by each character but didn’t deplete over time ; moreover, the tools had to be always owned in the character’s inventory, taking the space and adding no value to the overall experience; the tools and their recipes owned by players have been replaced with a compensate item
– Improved position of capturing and upgrading events on the Scarsdale Mine so they include the Mine building too
– Improvements to the 2nd stage of the “Cohort Strikes Back!” events – boosted the respawn time of NPC enemies and fixed spawning a wrong NPC type
– Updated the Clan Battle Hose, Scout’s Leather Trousers and Deserter’s Battle Hose models and icons
– Removed unnecessary quest markers in the Sangmarian starting quests to improve the user experience
– Updated the particle effects of flaming catapult projectiles
– Added a confirmation box for joining the looting-allowed world events
– Improved the Hamrammir’s heavy armour skin set in response to received feedback, increasing the visual heaviness of the shoulderguards and helm’s coif
– Updated the Supporter Shop’s “Featured” tab interface


– Fixed a recent issue which caused that oil didn’t do damage to target players
– Fixed an issue causing that siege engines didn’t destroy when moving in the water
– Fixed random siege engines speed boost
– Fixed an issue causing that the character could get stuck in blocking stance after spamming the blocking key (it means that we have players who could spam the blocking key at least every 0.05s, kek!)
– Fixed dialog of Ricard from the Dead Raven Inn questline
– Fixed an edge-case issue causing that a player couldn’t be join a siege event via the invitation window
– Fixed an issue causing randomly changing the display order of events listed in the Upcoming Events window
– Fixed an issue causing displaying the flaming staff used by Sirius the Exile instead of the Simple Short Spear

Hotfix 2019-05-24:

Respawning/unstucking interface & UX:

– Added server message and map indicator informing that the enemy forces have been seen near a location and the attack can be expected – i.e. if enemies have reached the siege camp to use the siege engines, the location’s icon will be highlighted on the map and a server message will be displayed
– Added a buff informing players about the last location they visited and to which location will they be moved if they unstuck or respawn at closest spawnpoint
– Added tooltips on the unstuck and closest spawn buttons informing to which location will the players be moved after respawn/unstuck


– Added missing static siege engines in the Volvar Castle’s western siege camp
– Added missing non-looting zone at spawnpoint in the Volvar Castle’s western siege camp
– Secured the Brandon world event’s location to prevent players from respawning inside it
– Reduced the battering rams damage in response to the Community feedback
– Fixed an issue causing the server’s performance degrading rapidly since the yesterday update due to an edge-case bug in one of the in-game dynamic events
– Fixed an issue causing that Reapers (very strong NPCs) used to spawn during the Brandon world event in its location – they are still meant to spawn after the event ends, to prevent players from staying inside the event location
– Fixed an issue causing that a Young Giant could spawn inside the Hordun Temple’s siege camp – the giant has been moved farther to the East
– Fixed static spawners placement near the recently added siege camps at Lord’s Wrath Abbey, Lordly Haven, Hordun Temple and Volkvar
– Fixed an issue causing that some hair models didn’t display properly
– Fixed randomizing character’s appearance in the character creation menu
– Fixed an issue with the recently added longsword skins causing that they were handled wrong in the character selection menu


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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