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Latest Game News​

Hello warriors!

New weekly update is live! Last week we added movable catapults – this time we focused on quality of life changes. This update introduces tons of gameplay improvements, balance tweaks and bug fixes. Check them on your own!

See you in battle!

Changelog v

Quality of Life improvements:

– Improved synchronizing the player’s server- and client-side position in some edge-case scenarios, i.e. being stunned
– Improved detecting the terrain’s angle when walking up the slopes
– From now on, holding the walking key sprinting on autorun effects in moving with walking speed without losing stamina
– Updated the male character’s body width
– Improvements to the Deadly Harvest world event’s interface
– Added idle animations for vendors in a fort in the Ismirean starting quests area
– Minor improvements to the announcements panel displayed in the main menu
– Added animation to reviving a player
– Reduced duration of the “New resource node” event, also from now on it will start again in another location once the previous instance ends
– Added a missing option to the last question in the character creation process for Ismirs
– Added displaying damage dealt to the shooting targets with a bow
– Updated the Non-looting zone status icon
– Added new skin for the top light armor helms (Karleonian Padded Hood, Black Guard’s Padded Hood, Praetorian’s Padded Hood) – Emissary of the Death’s Mask

Crafting/economy balance:

The latest update which solved some crafting balance issues but it also effects in higher demand for Dziwer bars. We made some changes in response to the Community feedback in order to allow players to acquire of Dziwer bars easier, which is especially important for the underdog factions which can’t hold the top-tier locations and access materials required for high-grade equipment and have issues with leveling important crafting professions.

– Added new Sulfur, Quartz Crystal and Calcite Crystal nodes in the central areas of each link, between middle flags (Rodrock Fort and Tenebrok, Greenport and Scarsdale, Ulfgard and Seaclaw)
– Added 1 node of rare materials (with changing spawners which swap after depleting an existing one) to each mine near a nation’s capital
– Added Sulfur to the drop table in “Defend the Spy!” dynamic events taking place in the central part of each link
– Added Sulfur and Calcite Crystal to the drop table in “Affair in the port” – optional stage of the “Sea Wraiths” world event
– Added a chest which can contain Sulfur, Calcite or Nitrite to the rewards in “Sea Wraiths” and “Volcano” world events
– Removed remaining materials formerly used for crafting Maille: Small Steel Rings, Big Steel Rings, Thin Steel Wire, Thick Steel Wire
– Removed Buckle, Strap with Buckle and Fibula which used steel wires because they were tedious steps with little added value – they have been replaced with Steel Bars or with a compensate item; this change was done to improve the crafting convenience


– Fixed an issue causing that an attack would hit the target player in its’ first frame, preventing the defender from reacting to an incoming attack
– Fixed an issue allowing to place a free token on a guild location
– Fixed an edge-case issue allowing to purchase more than 2 guild tokens
– Fixed an issue preventing players from capturing a guild location if the flag was neutral at the end of the Final Battle
– Fixed an issue with converting the local time to UTC which caused not validating the State of War time change in the guild window
– Fixed an issue causing that officers couldn’t purchase tokens in the guild window
– Fixed an edge case issue allowing to lose items from a bag by splitting items
– Fixed an issue causing bugging out the player’s inventory by going out of the water after attempting to unequip items by dragging them on the inventory bags while swimming – in effect a player couldn’t use the hotbar or equip/unequip items
– Several fixes to visual bugs appearing after removing items from deposit, i.e. icon of a reinforced item would remain in the deposit destroying at reinforcing
– Fixed an issue allowing to consume crafting materials if they were put into the hotbar slots – they disappeared after using them
– Fixed an issue causing that bags were invisible until relogging after attempting to move them from deposit to inventory by double-clicking LMB
– Fixed an issue causing that some shields were invisible from one side on minimal settings
– Fixed an issue allowing to accept reviving a minute after receiving the revive offer which allowed to revive already dead players
– Fixed an issue preventing players from joining the Valley of Death tournament when it already started if any nation has already reached the team’s size max limit
– Fixed an edge-case issue causing that when a player left the Valley of Death tournament, no player was added from the queue as a replacement
– Fixed the quests requiring capturing a location which take place on farms and mines
– Fixed an issue causing that campfires were applying a debuff to damage dealt by a player who walked into it – from now on, the campfire will deal small burning damage over time
– Fixed moving a player to the ranked duels arena from the training arena if the player chose to spectate a fight
– Fixed an issue causing that the fast travel options in the map were disabled after discarding the travel target selection
– Fixed a visual bug causing displaying cancellation of any action twice
– Fixed position of gloves in the player looting window
– Fixed an issue causing that some parts of the Supporter Shop’s interface were rendered below other windows

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