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Latest Game News​

Hello warriors!

A little bonus – second update this week! We made a lot of improvements and fixes right for the weekend, including several tweaks to the recent combat balance changes. Enjoy!

See you in battle!

Changelog v.

Combat Balance:

– Increased damage dealt with Hordun Greatspear, equalizing it with the top-tier guisarme, and added armor penetration to it
– Slightly reduced shield’s durability loss when blocking the attacks done with 1-handed axes – it’s still higher than it was before the yesterday’s update anyway
– Reduced the difference between axes and other melee weapon types in damage done to the siege engines – axes (both 1-handed and 2-handed) still deal the same damage which is much higher than for other weapons
– Improvements to the Sangmarian starting quests
– Updated the stabbing damage modifier for 2-handed blunt weapons, equalizing it with axes
– Standardized damage type and modifiers for side- and overhead attacks done with 1-handed and 2-handed spears
– Reverted the armor penetration for 1-handed spears increase because in edge-cases they could deal more damage than 2-handed spears
– From now on, all 2-handed spears crafted by players have the same length, except for the top-tier one which is slightly longer (but still shorter than Hordun Greatspear)
– Standardized the damage types for all attack types done with 2-handed guisarmes – they’re all piercing now

Quality of Life:

– Added displaying the player-spawned barricade in “My Constructions” window
– Added displaying interaction labels when hovering cursor over siege engines
– Added error message displayed when attempting to shoot an uncharged siege engine
– Added SFX for incoming notifications


– Fixed an issue causing that stamina was drained at the end of an attack rather than at the beginning
– Fixed an issue causing that 1-handed blunt weapons had the same stamina attack cost was as 2-handed blunt weapons
– Fixed hits detection for stabbing with all 1-handed weapons (except dagger because it uses separate animations)
– Fixed an issue causing that ballista couldn’t be used after respawning
– Fixed Korean item and NPCs names translations


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

Game Info and Tools

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