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Latest Game News​

Hello Community!

We have been working hard over the entire week to complete the upcoming huge update but, unfortunately, we’re still missing a few hours to make sure everything works as intended. For this reason, we have to postpone this update for Monday – but we’d also like to give you a sneak peek of the incoming changes! What will come with the new update:

  1. Brandon world event has been moved to a new location in the North, being placed near the Lord’s Wrath Abbey, in the central part of the Midland-Ismir link
  2. Brand new world event – Sangmar-themed raid – has been added! Not only it takes place in a unique fortress and tells a new story of Sirius the Exile, a veteran of the war between Sangmar Empire and Midlanders, but also makes use of several new mechanics, one of these being…
  3. Fire projectiles for catapults! You’ll be able to set the wooden fortification on fire with burning projectiles. We already love it! https://gph.is/g/a9ppvro
    And speaking of catapults…
  4. A further iteration of the siege engines and sieges overall – we did many tweaks basing on your feedback and recorded data, and we’re finally moving the sieges balance towards using the siege engines instead of axes and torches. Battles over castles will get even more epic and intense!
Also, join us for a PVP event this weekend! It will start at 9:00 PM GMT (Saturday, May 18). Join us in the arena on the [NorthAmerica] Aquilla server and fight for fame in 5v5 battles. The winners will be immortalized on the in-game monuments and every participant will be rewarded – to arms!

By the way, we’d like to remind that we’re hunting all potential issues with the State of War and guild mechanics and that players who report critical problems with working reproduction will be rewarded, while exploiting such issues can end with an appropriate punishment. Thank you for obeying the rules!

See you in battle!


Interactive map

– All Capitals are done
– Now working on the rest of the map

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