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Introduction to questing

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Welcome, readers. You’ve probably finished reading the first guide of Surviving Gloria. Now we’re proceeding on learning how to do quests, and how to finish. The quests are harder to find, and can be tricky to even spot.

Here, I’ll divide this into two parts.

– Main Quests
The main Quests are non-repeatable, and can only be obtained by interacting with a NPC. The NPC will gives you an objective that only YOU alone can do. Once accomplished, the quest is done forever until the player starts a new character of similar faction for that quest.

– Repeatable Quests
The Repeatable quests are as it stated. It is repeatable, and only found in the wilderness. It is repeatable up until a certain level is passed. If a player reaches certain level where the repeatable quest will no longers declare player qualified to do them. The quest will disappear, and player will have to find different Repeatable quests to grind out for.

Quests are one of main source for gathering experience, and gaining level in the game. This guide will explain questing, and how to do them.

Welcome to Gloria Victis.


When you creates your first character. You’ll be greeted with sight one of the three depending on your Faction. For an instance. If you’re an Azeb. Barni would be your man. Robert would be your guy if you’re Midlander, and so goes on.You’ll notice that they do not have floating exclamation mark like some MMORPGs do, or anything. They can only be indicated by the exclamation mark on your mini-map, which can be confusing for people like you.

After you commits yourself to dialogue. They’ll give you directions to go, and from there now on. You simply needs to look at your map, which can be brought up with default key, M. Remember to fall back on using mini-maps, and if you ever struggle with a quest.

Just remember your friendly kinsmen will help you out!

Ismir Questing

The Ismir’s Starter Zone. it’s painfully direct in this one. There is no dangerous bosses, and the players simply need to fight alot of things. There are few gathering on this chain, but for most part – it’s smooth sailing for Ismir newbies. The red lines provided below will show you mostly the route you’ll be taking.

Midland Questing

The Midland’s questing zone is extremely straight-forward. Though it contains more gathering than Ismir’s. The players can fairly breathes through this one. However, unlike Ismirs. The player must face off an Aging Giant at the end of the Questline. This can prove fairly difficult for new players, and since writing of this Guide. The giants are currently dangerous as they are buggy to a fault with unpredictable animations.

Azeb Questing [Incomplete]

Azeb’s storyline is alot more complicated compared to other two storylines. It is divided on two entrances to same finishing line. If you starts as an Azeb Origin. You’ll start with Samad, and then goes on to the Fishing village to be integrated with similar storyline. If you starts as an Sangmar Origin. You’ll start with Barni, and then adventures on toward the Fishing village as well.

This is perhap only Questline where origins matter for the player for where they’ll start in this questline.

However, as the writing of this Guide. The Azeb questline is at immiment halt for other reasons. There is a bug where bandits respawn at fastest speed unimagined, and can’t be progressed until the respawn speed is resolved.

Additionally, the Origins have different starting points. Orange line is for players who started as an Azeb. The Red line is player who started as an Sangariam. They merge at the pink dot, and red line from there on now.

Quest zone, and repeatables
Repeatable quests

So that now you’ve finished your first questline, and you’re sitting there. You don’t have much of decisions on what to do for Gloria Victis. You wanted to quests more. You’re not might of a PVPer, are ya? That’s fine! Once you achieve certain levels. You are capable of doing repeatable quests scattered throughout the world map!

You simply need to look at your map, and find these blue circles! The quests will go from “Kill X numbers of X” to “Sabotage the Mines”. Some repeatables will be PVP-focused, and some repeatables will just be nearly exclusively PvE!

There is another repeatable that you can do, which is for players who are hardcore crafters! Located at every city’s port, and the Dead Raven’s tavern. These quests cater toward people who very much prefer to do crafting rather than going to viciously murder bunch of animals, or seek to make some quick buck in their capital city!

Now. There’s just one tiny thing you needs to know. Everybody can complete the Repeatable quests. So if you did not deliver finishing blow to an event, or your party member does not. You will not be given full proper reward! Additionally, you need to be required level-range to get access to certain questing zones! Bear this in mind!

The Dead Raven Tavern

At around level 50, or higher. You can decide to go on a mighty trip if you’re an ismir, a brisk walk if you’re an azeb, and average hike if you’re Midlander to a tavern called Dead Raven. Unlike the Main quests you’ve done. You’ve done them all in pretty safe, and remote place. Now you’re going somewhere risky, and dangerous.The Dead-raven tavern contains at most four chain of quests that you have to do in successions. They will take time, and will be a bit tedious compared to ones you’ve done before. They will go from trying to find a Giant Spider in bunch of towers to even gathering moonshine for a woman in the Brothel. It can be very annoying trip for you. But they do provide grand reward. . . If you can make it out alive.

Overall, the Dead Tavern is to act as mid-game questing for players who want to gain level. They can learn a bit about the game’s history, and study on what’s going in our fair island of Stoneholm!

Additional Informations

Had you heard about Ragi? It is said that we’ve found him holing up with bunch of fools! He had done all sort of crime, and he need to be answered!

Do you know that Brandon will be ultimately vulnerable once he sends his Raubritters . . .Perhap this could be our opportunity to take him down once, and for all!?

There is story of great evil hidden away in the largest Mountain of this island. I don’t believe them.
I heard they’re just bunch of bullocks made up by old men drunk off their beer!
Remember. Once you passed a certain levels. Some repeatable quests will never appear for you, and you will never be able to accomplish them. Store your loot in depot, and remember to be very cautious when doing Repeatables. You can be ambushed at any time, since most of repeatables are not located in safe zones, or non-looting zones. So watch your back.

Additionally, questing is ALOT faster if you do all sort of adventures with a party on your side! Security is also increased, and you have very reduced risk of being utterly destroyed!

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