Upgrading Forts, and castles

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After such grueling combat, you and your friends finally took over the castle from the grasp your enemies! Many deaths were had, and tears were shed! Finally, you’ve made i- Wait. What’s this?


The captured stuff just downgraded?! Aw man! We gonna have to rebuild the entire stuff. We tried so hard, and we just – The efforts to fight for all this stuff?! Man! It’s such a bummer! Why do we have to even capture stuff, if it’ll just downgrade! Awwww man!

But we need to figure out how to build! And fast! The invaders aren’t patient, and they’ll take this stuff back if we don’t stop on time! But how?

Wa-wait! Hold up! Had you read the Basic Guide?! This might come handy – just about right now!

Professions for construction!

To begin even building! We needs to know what professions will be common for construction! There are three professions that’ll be most common in our session of bringing this captured place to it’s prime, and full glory!

Let list ’em!


The love life. The bloodstream. Everything that is construction will definitely go through this thing multiple times! Planks? Nails? You got it all here! You’ll be using Engineering quite alot, so get comfy!

Forestry, and Farming

One of three things needed to fuel the wheel of progress! This is used for gathering woods, and cooking food which will be used in construction works! Builders will need to sit down, and take their time to gather tremedous amount of woods. Since alot of stuff starts demanding them in the later upgrades! There are specific type of wood that higher tiers will demand, and you have to oblige! Also prepares to murder innocent animals for their delicious bones!

Metallurgy, and Mining

Mining will become very valuable, as the higher the tiers of the fort achieve! You’ll find yourself needing more granites, lime mortars, steels for nails, and so goes on! How are we going to fix that?! Just mining yourself at the local quarry! Come prepared with handy pickaxe, and let break away for shiny precious!

These three professions will be most common, so be prepared to get comfortable with them!

Architect’s table


Oooo! What is this out of place furniture?! What could this furniture be?! It’s an Architect Table! Fascinating!

Perhap this is one of our only means to be able to upgrade our defenses, workshops, and this main building as well! When you approach this table. You will be given a prompt to interact with the Architect’s table. Make sure you’re not moving when you do this.. Or else bad things happen. . .

Nontheless. Let peer into what the Architect’s table will show us!


Oh golly jeeze! That’s actually. .Ahem! Yeah, you’ll notice all these structures, and buildings. They can all be used to click, and such. You can take your time to analyze, and see what you can upgrade at this moment! Have a look around, and see what you can do! Every time you starts an upgrade project. You’ll spend a point! Then the project will commerce, and you will contribute to it by sending materials! But wait. . .How do I get points back?! Well you simply lets the table regenerate points over time. . .Or you can speed up, and buy points with some coins that you got from adventuring! A bit expensive, but a little investment can go a looooong way!


There. A scaffolding will spawn near the location that you’ve used a point on to start an upgrade project! You can interact with this object to get a menu requesting what resources it need. You can hover your cursors to see the name of material that you’ll gather! They will seem a but overwhelming, but at later game – You can upgrade stuff in a breeze! So don’t fret, and maybe some high-level folks will help you out!

Let go over what structures exist currently, and let explain their function!

Castle [Main Building]


Oh jeeze! This thing is.. Tall! So high up toward the sky! It’s so impressive, man!

The Castle, or known as Main Building, is the central head quarter of the Castle you just captured. Note that the Castle structure only appears in any location that have the Castle to it’s name. If it have the Castle in it’s name. It’ll definitely be the case that this building exists. If so, be prepared for a bit tedious fight. There is multiple floors to this tall castle! Additionally, instead of spawning in a barn, or any other locations. The slain player will spawn inside the safe-room on first floor of the Castle! Pretty easy to get into the fray, isn’t it?!

The later upgrades will bring the castle: Allows all other structures near it to be upgraded furthur. Will have it own defense mechanism, like burning oils, and gates to slow down the advance of invaders moreso.

Sieging a Castle will be dearly the hardest objective for small band of warriors!

Fort [Main Building]


Simple, are we? The Main buildings, if it’s not a Castle. All non-castles will have this as a Main Buildings. It is fairly easy to upgrade than castles. It doesn’t serve much purpose outside of being a storage depost, and allowing surronding structures to achieve higher levels. The Main buildings, in some places cannot go pass Tier 3, and they’re very common sightings for anywhere.

The fact that the Fort structure does not get any formal defense, usually mean that it will alway be inferior compared to the mighty Castle Main Building! Don’t be surprised if forts are conquered so effortlessly because of this. They’re not alway easily defensible in some locations!



A place for guards! This place will be found at almost every walled fortifications! They are used to spawn in guardsmen to protect castles, and forts from outsider unwanted invaders that seek to get this place under THEIR controls! Hum! They won’t take our stuff, nuh uh!

The Guardhouse is one of defense building that increases the number of Guards spawning. They do not increase the guards’ equipment, or anything. The level of the Guards is determined by how close the fortification is to the Capturing Faction’s Capital.

The higher level the guardhouse, the more guardsmen will spawn to help rush down the enemies that attempt to invade!



Cool! A place for making stuff! The workshops are divided into three category: Tailor’s, Armorsmith’s, and Weaponsmith’s. They are all separate in term of upgrades. So don’t think that if you upgrades one workshop, you upgrades all of them! The workshops is simply a safer place for people who wants to make equipments. The workshops will be found in every capturable fortifications, and castles. The Workshops, if upgraded, provides better modifiers to getting better equipment upgrades! The more upgrades the workshop have. The higher quality your gears will be! Workshops are valuable for hardcore crafters, afterall!



Cool! place to gather woods! The lumbermills is located outside of most fortifications, and castles. There are some locations where it isn’t the case, but most locations will feature these said lumbermills. The lumbermills is the place of making planks, and engineerings outside the Wallls. Because of it’s location. It can lead the person crafting to such vulnerable back-attacks by intruders! Every upgrades will improve the Engineering’s workbench, and also more resources will spawn available for harvesting!



Awesome, a place for rocks! One of gathering resource site for owners of the Fortification. This place will spawn broad range of resources available for fresh pickings. From pyrite to granites, you’ll be needing all sort of resources from them! They are extremely valuable for helping constructs the walls faster, as well providing some rare materials at higher tier of the Mine! It also presents a Metallurgist’s workbench, which will increase in grades. Giving the players more chance of getting more yields, and their life made easier!



Oooh! Crops! It’s a place of plentiful harvest for next winter! The Farm is located outside of most fortifications, and castles. It is only place most commonly to gather for flax, wheats, and beehives! They are not definitely needed for construction of the Castles. But they are somewhat desired for construction of materials relating to making better, and fancier equipments! Every upgrade to the farm, expands the farmland, and the better Villager’s workbench! Perhaps this can be of use for hungry men!



Oh cool, a big door! This is entrance, and exit of the fortification. This building is used to open, and close. At the first gate, it’ll be just a simple double-doors. But at later, and higher grade; it’ll be double-gates, and also will features it own defence mechanism! It is only way to get onto the walls, and comes with dropping logs at second tier. In higher level, however, it will features burning oil!

The gate is weaker than the walls’ health, and at every upgrades; the structures’ health will increase!

Walls, and towers


Protection barriers! These walls will act as defense, and keeps bad thing out, and keep goods thing safe! At first level, it might be very hard to walk on these walls. But when they are upgraded, they features a walkway for archers to walk back, and forth- as well covers to protect them from getting shot by enemy archers! The health of walls is increased with every tier upgrade! The towers, and walls have their own unique costs from each other. The walls cost less, but towers will cost a bit more! Bear that in mind!

Well (Un-upgradeable)


A . .well. It’s just very straight-forward structure! It serves no other purpose, other than gathering places for water! This can never be upgraded, as it is already at max level!

Logistician (Un-upgradeable)


Cool a- Wait a second. Author! You never even told us of logisticians in the Basic Guide! Why not?! Because for starters, you are too poor to even afford using the Logisticians at the early game! What else are you gonna do? How are you gonna get all that money just to get yourself from destination one to destination two?! You’ll go dirt poor if you utilizes a service at your current low-level rate you are! You can’t even use it to fast-travel until you have other places that your faction captured. It is only useful when logistician can transports you to non-sieged fort/castle for quite expensive cost for someone who’s poor!

You can find them in capital cities, and they can be found in almost any fortificaitons, and castles that is linked all together! They are not upgradeable, however! So don’t treat them like a structure, alright?

Respawn barn (Un-Upgradeable)


Huh.. A what? It’s a barn. It’s what it is. It’s just a barn where players will spawn on the ceiling, then drops down. It’s only respawn point for people who are defending, and fighting in places not during world event. A respawn barn is used when defenders is not defending a Castle. Because Respawn barn is used for forts, and resources area. You’ll never really see much people respawning in castles fighting in Forts, or near resources.

Author’s note.
The Resource costs will be coming along soon. I just need to get information about them. Tsk-tsk! For now, this is published! But expect updates for when I stop being so lazy getting resources to bother upgrading!

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